Enter the Heart of Tiphareth


With this blog, I want to accomplish several things. This will be a staging ground for my forthcoming book by the same name and offer additional exploration of the themes in the book. It will also serve as way of focusing discussion around the themes of mysticism, magick, meditation, and how they integrate with the modern life of a healing male. The summation of those themes I call the Heart of Tiphareth. Statement of purpose done!

Why The Heart of Tiphareth

On the Tree of Life, Tiphareth sits in the center. Tiphareth is Hebrew for beauty or harmony. Rather than picturing it in the center of a room, I think of it more like a galactic center. Positions are always relative and not absolute to it and what matters is your trajectory, not your location. Traveling along the Tree, you measure where you are going more than where you arrive. It’s your trajectory that’s important, not your destination. Tiphareth is always rising as you climb towards Kether and always calling as you move towards Malkuth.

For more comprehensive information on the Tree of Life, I recommend either Dion Fortune’s Mystical Kabbalah or Christopher Penczak’s Temple of High Witchcraft.

Tiphareth also lives on the middle pillar between the pillars of mercy and severity, between the relative polarities of male and female. It has direct connections to all the other sephiroth with the exception of physical-world Malkuth, but is of course Malkuth accessible through Yesod, which is of course the intermediary of imagination and will, among other things. It is the song of Apollo singing to the Oracular Sun while Dionysus turns that sun inward on its very mysterious journey. Tiphereth corresponds to sixes in the Tarot deck which correspond to harmony and reflective giving and receiving.

We can no longer afford to be monks, hermits, and nuns. We can’t hide our search for the truth of our lives as we bring our path and soul into the world. As much as the world calls for compassionate presence and action, it calls for people who have lived a life of soul and have journeyed their own internal tree. We don’t know everything, but we know enough to keep going. This, too, is TIphareth, to me.

We stand poised on the edge of the darkness (which ironically contains all light) where all is, was, and will be revealed and we strive to bring it back down to our root, even as our root informs our travels to that bright void. We stand in Tiphereth from the result of our combined creativity, will, knowledge, and bravery. It reflects back at us and then back at the world around us. This, too, is Tiphareth, to me.

Sure, But What Does this Really Mean?

It’s a tautology to say that much of life is mundane. So much of life is uninformed, uninspired, and incompassionate. All these things are enemies of the soul. Despite the many paths for undoing those chains, so many of those paths seem to favor cold intellect over emotion or emotion over intellect and learning. Or maybe that’s the way I perceive it. We need both if we are to be whole and continue to move forward and upward. We need both if we are to heal the world. In short, we need synthesis.

But this isn’t a synthesis born of hollow intellectual construct. This is a synthesis of spirit. These are the steps on the path which bring us from one place to another and transforms us. It might get us more money, the job or relationship we want, but those are side benefits. Great benefits and I don’t discount them, but side benefits in the path and light of the great work. They are not ends in themselves. We must become greater so that the world can become greater.

Believe in Synthesis

The Heart of Tiphareth is the story of how I embraced this synthesis, how I became in turn became informed and inspired by that synthesis, and I why I think this synthesis is the way forward to a magickal, mystical, and healing life.

It’s my belief that we can’t reach that synthesis, we can’t reach those aspects of ourselves that need to grow without having some kind of mystical practice to perform that synthesis and with it bring unity. Without this synthesis, we are just acting in a haphazard and accidental way and our actions are mechanical at best. They may still be at times beneficial to ourselves or others, but it’s a shadow puppet show. Welcome to Plato’s cave, or at least its adjacent neighborhood.

The New Aeon

We stand at the dawn of a new era. Call it a new age, an aquarian age, a new Aeon. Call it whatever you want, and It doesn’t matter whether we believe it or not. The world is changing and moving forward despite all those who are hell-bent and committed to keeping us facing backward. This change will happen and it’s better for everyone if we get on that evolutionary bus before it leaves the station.

A new age calls for a new way of thinking. This new thinking both informs the new age and is inspired by the new age. We are both the creators and sustainers of this new age. We can be the destroyers of it, too, if we don’t pay attention and keep up our focus, our intention, and our love. Love is the thread that waves the universe together and in specific gives birth to this new age and helps it grow.

The task at hand (The Great Work) is to make ourselves ready for this new age. This readiness includes all things below which includes both our selves and the physical world in which we live as microcosms as we reflect that which is above. This readiness includes all things above, that which is knowing and unknowable and beautiful beyond our limited human standards while we work to have that greater reflect the inner truths that only our actions and practices can reveal.

This is what I believe and this is what I strive to make my life look like. It took a long time to get to that realization and what it means to embrace it. This book and blog combination is the expression of that realization, just as Tiphareth is the expression of that realization of the center journey up the Tree of Life.

Living this life, on this path, it seems to me we have no choice but to embrace the world (transitory though it may be) of politics and meaning and relationship. Retreating to our ivory towers is only a part time job!

Where Will We Be?

So at the end of the journey, where will we be? We will still be on the journey! There is never an end; from the lofty, yet still reaching vantage point of Tiphareth we can see that. We know there is work to do, things to learn and understand, and love to grow and offer. Just as the entire tree is contained in each sephirot, so we traverse the tree to get to that vantage point and continue to travel up, down, and sideways to get to our next vantage point. But, if we don’t learn and don’t embrace the meaning we see in ourselves, around ourselves, above and below ourselves we are really nowhere at all.

Where will I be, I will make my temple at the Heart of Tiphareth and sing the song that I see and hear and know. And which radiates within and without.

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