Healing – A Reconsideration

In spiritual and creative worlds, it’s common to see a lot of references to healing. Common is an understatement. Healing exercises, healing time, healing space, healing products, healing everything. Were I a comedian in the 1980’s, I could say what’s the deal with healing? I know that sounds dismissive, but I promise you it’s not. I have learned.

Still, we have to be on guard against so much spiritual snake-oil and the ever present danger of spiritual materialism. We have to be skeptical about any ready made offering that will heal us. It is always process and it’s an effort. At the same time, we can’t let all the commercials for tonics and vitavitavagamin insta-heal pills make us think it’s all rubbish that we don’t need to heal. I certainly found myself confused and ready to write off the whole idea. If I am ok, I must be ok, right? Consider this a side effect of turning on the TV and seeing every commercial sell a cure for a disease I’ve never heard of. But, as I worked to listen less to my logical, Virgo mind and tried to listen more closely to my raw feelings, as my own inner work revealed more and more aspects of myself that did needed help, I had a huge realization. Yes, we do have to heal. We all have to heal. Healing is part of the spiritual process.

This key acceptance sent me on a voyage of healing discovery. This acceptance centered around an equally key question.

The Diagnosis

Are we so sick that we need to take that much time to heal?

Yes, but it’s not because we all have the flu. It’s because we are alive! For all the love that exists in the world at an infinite level, our day to day existence misses those elements far too often. Our day to day existence is fueled by competition, which is ultimately a game where everyone loses. Especially for those of us that are sensitive, every unconscious glance can be a spoonful of glass fed to us repeatedly. From this, we need to heal.

We inhabit a society whose very infrastructures are temples of hatred and violence and ignorance and fear. This means that every valley of culture in which we walk hurts us, heaves rocks and garbage at us. We are bathed in the suffering of others. We are immersed in our own suffering. And all the reasons we suffer are further amplified and magnified in the dark mirrors of others suffering. We are not separate and all of that pain becomes a fountain of sorrow we wade in as we move through the world.

The choices we make for physical, metaphysical, intellectual and emotional food hurt us. The choices we make which hurt our world hurt us. We carry this around with us even if we don’t know it, even if we don’t feel it in an immediate and sharp way like breaking a bone for being directly hurt by someone’s barbed words. It builds in our system like a parasite, growling and feasting off these invisible injuries.

We are ill when we move away from our true path, our True Will into the alleyways of not knowing who we are or where we are going. I would even suggest that the root, existential cause of our other sufferings is that disconnection of our True Will.

So yes, we have to heal. Without engaging in the cures I prescribed above (look, mom, I’m a doctor!), I could never have written these words. Without engaging my in my own self-healing efforts, I would have forever been blocked and haunted by my own fears and untreated wounds.

Too often, we look for salves and potions that we think heal us, but they are agents of harm in disguise. Addiction, mindlessness, violence, and distraction masquerade as drinking, binging, football, and endless arguments with ourselves and others about endless myriads of who knows what. The very things we look to as cures are merely more tentacles of the diseases which appear as cures because we’ve accepted that this is the way we do things and this is what makes me who I am. Our minds and sense of identity are harmed as much as our bodies.

If we are going to heal, it has to be through an open heart and a calm mind. We have to see through the pretend cures and speak directly to the real cures. Be the real cures. We have to take the time and space to do that. If we don’t, we are contributing to the cancer in ourselves and the world.

Well Worn Steps on The Path to Healing

In my experience, there are several easy things we can do to heal ourselves and in healing ourselves heal others. I am roughly and approximately the sixteenth million person in history to recommend these things. They are the building blocks so many spiritual paths. They are those building blocks because they work.

Meditate, Exercise, love, study, and just be. I’m not even sure it matters which of the possibly countless approaches we take to any of those things. The act itself will carry us along the path of healing.

Magick Heals

I don’t know of any spells or rituals that will automatically heal a person. If you know of any, please let me know! I can say that a daily magickal regimen can be used as part of a self-care practice and lead into subtly lit pools of healing. Rituals like the LBRP or Star Ruby or Middle Pillar are used to align and adjust and protect. They can help us be more ourselves which is such a central part of the healing process. Call on whatever spirits or deities you work with to remove the obstacles which prevent healing. Additionally, even a ritual around money or love can help simply by the sheer act of doing the work. We are in charge, we are taking control of our lives and directing them where we need them to go. We also deepen our connection the infinite and the well of spirit that always surrounds us. That particular focus might be money, but we are still moving ourselves in a better and deeper direction, which will psychically heal in its own right.

Find your own road

No one can give you an assignment for healing. You have to do it yourself. There are tools that will help, but you have to use them and adhere to them and understand that they will help. This is called getting out of your own way. Getting out of your own way is curative for all manner of psychic and spiritual ailments, We confront our fears and peel them away like so much old paint to expose the source underneath and we bask in that source which heals us. It’s not a faith healing, it’s a faith-in-yourself hearing. By believing in ourselves we will aid in hearing ourselves which help us to believe in ourselves more deeply We heal ourselves in ourselves with love and compassion and clarity.

Healing Male? What Healing Male?

One last thought. As men, we think we don’t need to heal. It’s not part of the dialogue. Even as a pagan/meditator/occasional doer of yoga, all of the healing prosthelization I see is not directed at me. Traditionally, we think we are tough and can bulldoze our way through all the challenges and insults and pain of life. But, beer is not an excuse for healing and neither is denial. Even the most sensitive of us our taught not to think in terms of healing and to see being sick as sign of weakness. But, no matter our collective ignorance around it, the truth remains, If we don’t heal ourselves we can’t heal others. If we don’t know that we have to heal ourselves, we can’t even begin to move toward ourselves.

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