Signs You Are On The Right Path

While I was distracted by shiny ornaments of spiritual materialism, I prevented myself from noticing the signs that I am on the right path. These are not often what you think they might be, though they are there when you pay attention. They are not often glamorous. Still, these are signs that the universe at large provides to us and (perhaps more importantly) we provide to ourselves that we are on the path.

A quick glance down the metaphysical corridors of the Internet will reveal endless lists of “objective” signs that you are on the path. I won’t completely discount those, but remember that our own personal symbols are how we glean meaning from the universe, too. And always, we have to have discernment to separate the nonsense symbols from the meaningless symbols. This is true for both personal and universal symbols.

An important key is that these signs can speak to emotions as much as they speak to any rational or concrete idea. We have to listen to both and discern both the dialogue between mind and heart and how they both respond to the information we receive.

Follow Your Interests, Follow your Heart

Another trap that I consistently set for myself was the idea that I “should” do some things and not do other things. For growth along any path, things must resonate and continuing to do something you should will squash that resonance and stop you before you even get started. Try things, experiment, but don’t let tradition or somebody else’s rules be the sole rules of your path. We are modern witches and magicians!

Signs of the Path

You Click.

This is part happiness, part contentment, part calm, and part certainty. You can measure and divide those components however you like. For me, it’s an inner voice which says keep going. My doubt is minimized, my confidence is bolstered, and there is a surety to my steps that isn’t there if I am not on my path.

Answers and Sources Appear More Readily

So many times I have created a list of books I want to read, sources I want to consult and that list grows ever longer and longer. Yet, despite all my to-be-read planning, I am constantly surprised by books that I see recommend by teachers I admire or that are brought to my attention that demand to be read immediately. Almost always, that book either provides the information I need at the moment, connects dots, or in some cases tells me what not to do or instructs me in a way to not think things. Be open to the word!

Answers and Words Make More Sense

Walking the mystical, magickal path there is so much information and so much experience to receive, process, and put to effective use. For me, many of those teachings or information looks interesting on the surface, but when I explore further they don’t tell me what I want to know, Take an overly surface approach, or are sometimes completely wrong. The farther and deeper I go on my path, I find that I am engaging with information and inspiration in which I am genuinely interested and which gives meaning to what I am experiencing.

You are creative

I mean creativity in the broadest terms. Washing the dishes can be creative. Simply put, being more creative in any context is a strong sign of the right path. Creativity is how you define it!

What you want/need to happen starts to happen

This is not instant wish fulfillment. However, from experience I know that the more you sent your intentions in motion and deepen your steps along your path, those intentions will start to become real in word and deed. Not always in the way you imagine them, but they will occur. Don’t expect flaming fireballs from the sky, they will happen in seemingly mundane ways. But, each desire made real will inspire you deepen the path which yo walk and create. And sometimes, what you want to happen doesn’t happen, but what you need does happen and you can see the harmony in that.

Listen to the spirits

Any specific directions you receive from whatever Deity/Spirit/Ancestor/Power with which you work make more sense in the context of the mundane ways in which they appear and pepper themselves throughout our local space and time. I’ve found I have to spend far less time looking for those signs now that I know I am on my path.

Just Sit and Just Think

If meditation is not part of your path, I highly recommend it become part of it. It doesn’t matter what type of mediation you do, but it help in seeing signs and discerning meaning from empty words.

Those Who Know, Know

No one can tell you what your path should or shouldn’t be. Your path is your path and only you can create it, divine it, and walk it. And only you can know when you are on your path. I’ve listed the ways I’ve realized are signs that I am on the right path and yours will differ.

One thing I of which I am certain is certainty. I know that I will learn and evolve and change over time so my path is not straight and it’s a mistake to think it should be. I have made that mistake many times! Now, for all the reasons I’ve listed above, I know I an on the right path. That knowing is a deep seated understanding of moving in the right direction for whatever end. It’s not all knowing or all seeing, but the solid conceptual earth under my feet which feeds the other elements around me. It will take me where it will and I will walk it with an open mind and heart. I know that every step takes me deeper into the mystery and the darkness and the light and the full presence of myself.

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