Elemental Tarot Read for the Month of April

Cards were drawn after calling elemental quarters and laid out in the following spread: 

Source Spirit card – Emperor, card of the current year.

Earth card – Reversed Lovers.

Air card – Temperance

Fire card – Six of Swords

Water card – Two of Rods

Goal spirit card – Strength

I am unsure if this reading is positive, negative, both, or neither. 

Lovers reversed in the context of Earth – Our whole experience on Earth at the moment is cast in concern, anxiety, and suffering in almost every way. Everything is upside down. Even the strongest relationships will be affected by it as schedules and finances are flung in every direction. Since the Lovers live on the path between Binah (understanding) and Tiphareth (beauty) the relationship between these essential relationships facets could be upset.

Temperance in the Context of Air.   A balanced mind is here to help. This card in this position says that we can reason our way of out this and by stepping away from more earth-bound concerns we can see a path forward. I think we will see this reflected in the Strength card. Temperance is also the path between Yesod (desire, foundation) and Tiphareth. This is intellectual fuel for the Lover card to right itself. 

Six of Swords in the Context of Fire – I read this as the mental discipline learned with Temperance in Air being applied to driving will and passion forward making things right side up. With stray thoughts controlled, we can continue to work toward our true will. As a Six, this card also points to the beauty of Tiphareth; the Beauty of True Will for our relationships with ourselves, others, and the world.  We can lose sight of that or the conversation which leads us to the will. 

Two of Rods in the Context of Water – Here, fire is moved into water so the desire and will of the Fire card keeps the love in the water. The two rods together indicate that togetherness is maintained.  Two is also Chokmah (wisdom) on the Tree of Life. 

Strength as the goal – It’s unclear to me whether this means Strength is the practice by which we culminate the work for the month or the goal of the month, or both. Strength joins the spheres of Chesed (mercy) and Gavurah (power or severity) and helps them achieve balance. In other words: Temperance. 

Ultimately, we know the month ahead will be an uncertain and difficult time and our relationship with that which gives us security and certainty will be turned upside down. I think Lovers in the Earth position not only describes relations between specific people however they define it, but all of us in our relation with the earth and each other and the very way we live our lives on the ground. 

Our year may be a wheel but so is every month! 

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