Pranayama of the Earth – Everything is Holy

So much is written about Pranayama and Air. I’ve written about it myself ( ).

Just as important is the intersection of Pranayama and Earth

Our breathe is what makes us live and keeps us alive. It keeps us grounded and connected to the earth below our feet and present amidst everything which surrounds us. It allows us to feel. It propels us as we move through the world and in sex, exercise, and singing. Breathing allows us to speak and communicate.

I also mention this because of so much of the literature I’ve read which describes pranayama makes it unworldly or beyond the sweat and senses of our beautiful, sensual life. That robs it of its power, robs it of its voice in those places where light and shadow and lower and higher meet.

Kabbalistically, Pranayama can also work upward and connect Asian and Yetzirah as we move to realize our desires and concepts in the world around us. It acts as a silver and red thread that connects the raw and beautiful aspects of earth with our higher selves and brings those higher aspects down to live in our sensual present.

Writing about Pranayama in one way only robs it of its power and obscures the fact there though we sometimes image in there is, there is no difference between the sacred and the profane that all things can and should be holy. It’s in use and how we breathe, not some esoteric nature of the breath itself. Our breathe contains both the esoteric and the exoteric. It is our presence and involvement from ourselves and how we give that to others that allows Pranayama to truly breathe.

This also affects not only meditation , but ritual work and every aspect of life itself. In this way, Pranayama bridges the mystical and the practical. It breathes info the fire or our will so that Earth/Assiyah rises up to the other elements and other spheres with its sensuality intact.

When I mediate with this awareness, I feel more alive and ready to act and know I am not just a spiritual ghost removed from the world. With this awareness I become the moving path where all spirit and earth roads meet.

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