Still the Mind Sea

Still I sat the illusion of water

Singing unsung currents underground
The notes of each subtle current
Drove the inner stellar wind home
Across the sea of silence
Where dreams are born and die
Like they never were a dream at all
They matter and build those towers
On that mind water under-over
Under the ground under the sky

Moving across the Sea of Silence

Heard all the fire speaking thunder
As it could speak in every tongue
Whispers become roars 
In the endless sea
Where I sat anchored
Still sailing wind blown free

Dancing where we sit
Sitting where we dance
Is there a difference
Look into the black rainbow glass
That is all mirrors and water
And see

See into the silence
Feel into the silence
For all our singing 
There is only silence
Where we meet ourselves and each other
We become one another
So deep underground
In the mind sea

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