Meditation is Magick

This may seem fairly obvious, but meditation is a form of magick.

Virtually every book you read about any spiritual path extols the virtues of mediation and they are all right. However, I don’t want to merely repeat all the other litanies of the virtues of meditation. You already know all its benefits, anyway. I want to approach it from a different path, instead. Magick.

Given the definition of magick as “change in accordance with our will,” and given that meditation changes us, it must be magick.

You don’t need a sigil or an incantation or special robes to meditation, though you can certainly add those things. You can sit silently in Shikantaza, you can recite mantra, or you can count your breathes. it doesn’t matter. The change will come through any of these routes.

Meditation is Our Only Intention

There are those who talk about “setting an intention” before you meditate, but in my view that defeats the purpose of emptying the mind. That may also fly in the face of our maxim of change in accordance with will, but bear with me. Like our True Will, this meaning will also be revealed.

By setting aside our ego, our conscious mind, we allow ourselves to surface through the rubbish. It can sometimes be painful and I have certainly had experiences of painful emotion crawling to the surface like Godzilla waking on the ocean floor after a million year nap. When I am wise, I work through them and resolve them, or at least gain an better understanding of them so that I can go through life carrying less of those issues around with me. When I am not wise, I bury them again and repeat the entire process.

So, successful magick happens when I resolve work through my issues. My magick is unsuccessful when I don’t. In this way, meditation is similar to banishing/cleansing rituals like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentragram (LBRP) or the Star Ruby. The main difference is that mediation acts solely on your internal influences, not on your projected or external influences. That doesn’t make it any less a powerful and essential tool. Besides, any magician who doesn’t think that that majority of all magick work is internal is not paying attention.

How is This Magick?

The inventory of emotional baggage we carry around with us is generally comprised of either stuff we really don’t need or emotional issues and/or traumas that we need to heal and let go; we need to release them all. Sitting down and sternly directing my childhood feelings of neglect to go away and never bother me again doesn’t work. I’ve tried! I’ve done ritual for releasing and changing specific motions and they have only gone so far. In my experience, that’s the same as magickally treating my symptoms without treating their root cause disease.

All of these root causes get in the way of our advancement in the following ways:

  • They prevent us from acting and thinking in ways that move us forward.
  • They trap us in old ineffective or even damaging patterns.
  • They prevent us from seeing both our true immediate self and our higher self, not to mention the interconnected world(s) around us.

In writing all the hat, I want to point out that often, whatever issues that would be resolved are often what influence us, propel us to walk our specific paths. As much as its important to heal those issues, we must pay them respect and homage. We do not stand in opposition to them, but rather as helpers and healers toward them.

Once we are one the path that we walk, the revealing dance and parade of these uncovered and successively healed issues will continue to take us deeper as lotus and rose petal doors open before us. Things will shift, we will change and our perspectives will shape our paths and our magick. Hopefully, our outward rituals will change as a result, too.

Mediation is a silent magick which works behind the scenes of all our other rituals and spells.

Less is More

As I said earlier, meditation accomplishes our intention without setting our intention. To be clear, I’m not talking about the more immediate intentions we set around jobs, money, relationships, etc. I am talking about realizing our True Will, raising our Inner Daemon, seeing our True Self. Call the process by any name you like. By meditating we pell away the dead layers that hide those truth. We reveal the shining fire diamond that is us.

Meditation is a Magickal Language

Much like our daily rituals, meditation is something we build into the flowing fabric of our path and our practice. Whatever other rituals we do, they support our mediation just as they support or greater rituals and our continued growth. In turn, our meditation supports those daily practices. At this stage in my practice, I think of them as component parts of a greater whole. For almost all of the bigger or more elaborate of my rituals and workings, I work meditation into it. It is part of my magickal language.

There is an aspect to the many flavors of pagan practice which wants to break away from the rigid and so often irrelevant beliefs and processes of organized or established religions. There are mountains of good reasons to do that, but there are tools like meditation that have been practiced and honed for millennia that we can borrow and put to our own use.

Beyond that, and we always want to move beyond, we do ourselves a disservice if we consider meditation as merely tool. It is part of the magick we do and part of the magick we are.

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