The Hermit Walks Between Pillars

After a weekend of much meditation and small realizations that seemed to underscore the crux of my path and the main pillars that have supported it over the last year, these three cards have grabbed me by the ears and given me reminders of three important points. 

2 of Swords – Chochmah in B’riah – You distract yourself too easily. Peace comes when you focus on your work, on the Great Work and you don’t allow yourself to follow down glittering alleys that ultimately lead nowhere. Remain calm and knowing during those dry periods where little seems to be creatively or spiritually happening. That too, is a space of peace between the swords of the mind. And since this pair of swords reside in Chockmah, we know that wisdom must lie in that point of peace between them, even if that wisdom is whispering and not screaming its secrets. This is the intersection of air talking to air, prana talking to prana. 

Hermit – 9 Yod – Path from Chesed to Tiphareth

The Hermit is the walker down that middle path between Peace and Abundance. The Heritage a staff crowned by the Orphic Egg and the knowledge that every step is birth, death, and rebirth. Guided by Hermes/Mercury, the Hermit must ascend to the Empyrean Realms and down to Hade’s dark rivers and caverns to understand themselves and their place in the work. The Hermit is also Yod/10, the first letter in the Tetragrammaton and all that being 10 reveals: completion and the realization of that completion, neither of which can exist without the other. Given my affinity to Tiphareth, I take this card as a key into that state of balance and rising falling heart very seriously. 

In other words, be the path and realize all that is simultaneously hidden and obvious. 

3 of Cups – Abundance – Binah in Yetzirah

Lotus flowers above and lotus flowers below both feed and support Dionysian goblets of wine and nectar; pure nepenthe. You have everything you need materially, spiritually, emotionally to go forward in the world and in the Great Work. They are entwined! The only thing stopping you is you. You can engage in either of the excesses of the Hermit and disengage from the world or not spend enough time on yourself. The staff held by the Hermit is that path of right self. The flowers that feed in there of cups are the flower in the center of the crossed Two of Swords. That middle path of focus and trusting in what you know and on the very path under your feet with carry you deeper into the mysteries unfolding in the background which are only accessible through that unwary point of focus. And since this 3 is all about emotion, let yourself feel that sense of abundance and soak into your cells and pores. It’s not about spreadsheets, it’s about the feel of the full, iridescent glasses in front of you. 

0=2, indeed! 

In closing, this is a long winded way of saying keep going, Traveller of Long Spirit Roads! Stay focused. You have what you need. Now, walk from light into dark and back again…

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