We Walk Alone Together

Some roads we can only walk alone
So deeper and deeper we go

I don’t mean this in an “I’m so sad and lonely” kind of way.  

Rather, for our evolution, our spiritual growth, and our rising to be our higher selves, we have walk paths that are ours alone. No matter our partners, our communities, our practice the path of the Seeker is on that has to speak and dance with the symbols and works that resonate with us and bring us forward. We can look for validation wherever we like, but ultimately our only validation is the truth of our growth and our arrival at the next way point on our ongoing journey. 

We don’t ever arrive and our path is always arriving.  Love yourself. Feed yourself. Grow and deepen yourself and call the spirits and demons and entities that support all the elements inside you. 

Deeper and deeper we all a walk alone, together. 

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